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  • Election Day Support

ESO will provide a staff member to assist your elections in the event you have equipment issues on Election day.


  • Preventive Maintenance

ESO can provide preventive maintenance on request to ensure your equipment is maintained properly.  Prolong the life of your equipment.


  • Ballot Printing

ESO utilizes the latest technology to ensure accurate and accountability during the entire printing process.

[icon_list] [swm_list_icon icon_name=”fa-check”]We audit our ballot printing and test on OpenElect software prior to shipping to county. This is to ensure the accuracy and election software is properly working. [/swm_list_icon] [swm_list_icon icon_name=”fa-check”]Not a printer for hire – only print for ESO accounts. Avoids being overwhelmed or stretched thin, when multiple states have same election date(every November).[/swm_list_icon] [swm_list_icon icon_name=”fa-check”]Can accommodate special request or needs.[/swm_list_icon] [/icon_list]


  • Machine Technician Training

This is a very detailed training class which covers all aspects of the OVO and OVI.  Geared toward election maintenance & election troubleshooting procedures.  This class is usually for localities that have an election day machine technician.


  • Poll worker Training

[icon_list] [swm_list_icon icon_name=”fa-check”]Poll workers are on the front line of your election process so we feel its crucial they’re are properly trained and comfortable with your election process. [/swm_list_icon] [swm_list_icon icon_name=”fa-check”]ESO staff is available to train poll workers covering machine setup, opening polls, voter process, and closing polls. [/swm_list_icon] [swm_list_icon icon_name=”fa-check”]Multiple class formats available to ensure best practices are passed on to poll workers [/swm_list_icon] [/icon_list][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]