Poll Master I with ADA Handicap Adapter

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The Poll Star Booth is extremely easy to assemble, and can be placed into service in just minutes. Superior design and precision manufacturing offer you the following benefits; lightweight, minimal storage space requirements, attractive design, and low cost. Built to last with grey plastic table, aluminum legs, white corrugated plastic curtains, and black corrugated plastic container. Available in Standard or ADA Model.


Price With Light: $360.00

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Product features

  • Includes Poll Master I voting booth
  • Designed to fit Pollmaster I Voting Booth
  • 10 pounds complete with legs and carrying case
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Five year warranty*

Product specifications

  • Handicap adapter (37.5″ x 22.5″ x 29″ shelf height)
*Parts, workmanship, repair or replace (abuse not covered)

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