Poll Pad

Poll Pad

The iPad-based electronic Poll Pad is the next generation of electronic poll books for voters & election officials.



  • Ease of use, intuitive & friendly design
  • Most advanced & secure operating system (FIPS 140-2 certification)
  • Processes voters on ONE system in seconds
  • Eliminates long lines & A-K confusion
  • Configures easily to your specifications
  • Sets up easily & seamlessly with no peripherals
  • Quickly Syncs data in real time for accurate reporting


Ground Control | Your solution for navigating and managing elections on your terms

Establishes communication, automates & simplifies the dissemination of voter records & changes in voter status such as Absentee Voting, Early Voting, & Voter Roll. Also provides a unique software suite for poll worker management, messaging services, reporting and more.

  • Manage elections from your office through a web portal
  • Integrates easily with any Voter Registration System
  • Import and export voter files instantaneously
  • Track Poll Pad activity and voter turnout in real time
  • Manage Poll Workers time and attendance
  • Create reports for Poll Watchers and media
  • Prepare Voter History quickly without manual scanning or data entry
Ballot on Demand |  Your solution for cutting printing costs and eliminating waste

Use the Poll Pad to print a full-size paper ballot as a part of the check-in process. Remove human error; voters receive the correct ballot every time.

Same Day Registration | Your solution for cutting printing costs and eliminating waste!

Eliminate paper forms by processing new registrants on the Poll Pad. Print compact receipts for wet signature & storage. Data is formatted for upload into your VR database.

  • Eliminate paper forms and process new voters electronically on Poll Pad
  • Quickly accept identification and verify eligibility of new voters
  • Unclog the lines for pre-registered voters
  • Simplify the process for your poll workers

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