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ovcsoperator400x240The OpenElect® Voting Central Scan (OVCS) resides at election headquarters. It is a bulk scanner designated to read absentee and provisional ballots, and to perform recounts.

The OVCS also captures Write-In data images and produces a Write-In image report for manual processing upon request.


 Enhanced Speed and Security

  • Hardened Linux/Java multi-tiered platform provides enhanced security
  • Transparent source code – available for review as part of a jurisdiction’s procurement process
  • Capable of uploading results directly to the tabulator without intermediate steps

Multifaceted, Flexible and Comprehensive

  • Accommodates Ranked Choice Voting (RCV)
  • Provides a permanent record of voter choices
  • Captures full ballot images
  • Extracts write-in entries from ballots and presents consolidated reports for
    each contest by precinct
  • Can be used for central tabulation and recounts

High levels of physical and software

Physical measures, coupled with comprehensive
procedures, ensure proper and effective security
and integrity during equipment preparation,
testing, repair and use.


Provides adjudication whereby a qualified group is allowed to review error
conditions on a ballot and adjust the ballot record according to the voter’s
perceived intent.
The OVCS allows for:

  • Casting of ballots that cannot be read through system due to defacement of
  • Resolution of overvote/undervote conditions on a ballot
  • Provides all-electronic handling of write-ins (without manual sorting)
  • Provides method for visual validation of system

Flexibility in Program Design and Support Services

Resources, best practices and leading-edge technology provides our clients with the skills and tools needed to efficiently conduct local elections.

Features and Benefits

  • Units can be scaled, depending on number of ballots
  • Flexibility to read various ballot sizes and two-sided ballots
  • Capable of uploading results directly to tabulation without the need for intermediate step
[su_box title=”Testimony ” box_color=”#122506″ radius=”5″]“ When It Came To Innovation, Unisyn invested to retool the traditional election technology; adopting a new business model and nurturing a support network of peer- reviewed trusted third parties, industry authorities and skilled workers. And the change, led to the renaissance of an entire industry.”[/su_box]

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