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OVIVCA300x248OpenElect Voting Interface – Vote Center (OVI-VC) provides touch screen voting to accommodate voters in an early vote center and multiple precinct vote locations.

Fully HAVA compliant; each OVI-VC generates a ballot which may be reviewed by the voter prior to being scanned. Secure tabulation is then completed using the OpenElect Voting Optical Scan (OVO) or the OpenElect Voting Central Scan (OVCS).



Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Features

  • HAVA compliant keypad, sip-n-puff, zoom-in ballot and multi-lingual audio functionality
  • Allows voters to prepare ballots independently and privately
  • Allows voters to correct mistake (second chance voting)

Early Voting/Vote Centers

  • Contains all ballot styles to accommodate non-geographical use at early voting locations
  • May be used for write-in candidates when required
  • Ballots are printed in easy to read format for review by Voter before tabulation

Transparent System that Supports AccountabilityEAC

  • Fully reviewed and certified by an EAC-accredited Laboratory
  • Lab Reports are public as part of our transparent process
  • Software code is disclosed for review as part of a procurement process with a jurisdiction

High Levels of Physical and Software Security

Physical measures, coupled with comprehensive procedures, ensure proper and effective security and integrity of equipment during preparation, testing, repair and use.

Flexibility in Program Design and Support Services

Resources, best practices and leading-edge technology provides our clients with the skills and tools needed to efficiently conduct elections.

OVI-VC Features and Benefits

  • Support multiple languages
  • Rank Choice Voting (RCV)
  • Modular design provides easy transport and set up for poll workers
  • Ballots are printed in easy to read format for review
  • Produces complete precinct audit logs and reports
  • OVI-VC produced ballots can be easily scanned into the OpenElect Voting Optical Scan (OVO) or the Open Elect Voting Central Scan (OVCS)

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[su_box title=”Testimony ” box_color=”#122506″ radius=”5″]“ Unisyn’s products are easy to use and their ability to customize a program that is good for our jurisdiction is exceptional. The entire company is focused on making sure our elections are successful.”[/su_box]
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