OCS ( Software Suite )

OCS ( Software Suite )

OpenElect® Central Suite (OCS)

Unisyn OpenElect® Central Suite (OCS) is a Linux-based suite of software applications that works together to define and configure an election:

BlondeComputerComplete Control over Your Election Process

  • The product suite provides maximum flexibility and customization while guiding the user through every step of the process
  • User friendly graphical interface, with familiar interface conventions
  • Consistent screen formats that make them easy to learn and easy
    to use
  • Compiles and tabulates vote results
  • Provides reports by precinct, by district, by county and statewide

The Unisyn OpenElect Central Suite (OCS) works in conjunction with our 2005 VVSG Certified Linux-platform digital scan products:

Ballot Layout Manager (BLM)

  • Creates, checks, translates and produces ballot styles needed by CollageOCS350x232a jurisdiction for an election
  • Creates and stores precinct and district information in a database
  • Camera-ready artwork is generated for all ballots
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Supports Ranked Choice Voting (RCV)

Election Manager (EM)

  • Converts the Unisyn election definition file to a Unisyn-specific encrypted XML format
  • Allows the jurisdiction to add voting device specific options
  • Flexibility to check contests for undervotes, whether to allow or disallow certain features and other options
  • Creates and manages Supervisor and Maintenance Technician logins and passwords
  • Produces a CD containing encrypted compressed files that are loaded onto the voting devices
  • CD is also used by post-election OVS components for election day
    vote processing

Election Server (ES)

  • Sets the correct system time on the voting devices
  • Uses the Election CD created by the Election Manager component to
    download new election data (via a closed and secure network) to OVO
    and OVI voting devices

Tabulator Client (TC)

  • Following an election, transport media (Flash memory) from each
    poll location are delivered to a central count location, uploaded and
    converted to a database format that the jurisdiction can use for Unofficial and Official Canvass Reporting
  • Retrieves, decrypts and transfers the vote files from the transport media to the Tabulator
  • Resides on the same PC as the Tabulator or on a PC that communicates with the Tabulator


  • Unisyn’s Tabulator receives and validates uploaded voting data and
    provides a status of uploaded files
  • Provides Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) functionality
  • Uses the Tabulator database to store results from all precincts

Tabulator Reports (TR)

  • Accesses data from the Tabulator Database to generate the necessary
    Unofficial and Official reports
  • As precinct results are uploaded, the vote tabulator generates and updates a number of reports including:
  •  Status reports
  • Consolidated Election Report, summarized by precinct
  • Voter Turnout report and other reports such as providing election
    results to the media
  • The vote files maintain both an administrative audit trail and a voter
    audit trail that provide capability to retrieve ballot images

Transparent Source Code that Supports Accountability

  • Reviewed by EAC-accredited LaboratoryEAC
  • Lab Reports are made public as part of our transparent process
  • Software code is disclosed as part of a procedure process with a jurisdiction
“ In an industry challenged with old technology – One Company has stepped up to the plate. That company is Unisyn Voting Solutions.”
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