OVO (Precinct Scanner)

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OVO (Precinct Scanner)

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ovoNEW.updateLeading innovation in the Election industry

Unisyn OpenElect Voting Optical Scan ( OVO) is a comprehensive and secure paper based digital optical scan voting system that both validate and tabulates ballots at each precinct.

Integrity, Confidence and Flexibility

  • 2005 Certification of the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines ( VVSG) from the United States Election Assistance Commission (EAC)
  • Hardened Linux and Java platform provides multiple layers of security and flexibility

High levels of Physical and Software Security

Physical measures, coupled with comprehensive procedures, ensure proper and effective security and integrity during equipment preparation testing, repair and use.

Transparent System that Supports Accountability

  • Reviewed by an EAC-accredited Voting System Testing Laboratory (VSTL)
  • Lab reports are made public as part of our transparent process
  • Software code is disclosed as part of a procurement process with a jursdiction

OVO Features and Benefits

  • Self contained ballot counter includes a full color touch screen display, ballot scanner, and precinct report printer
  • Provides the voter easy to follow onscreen instructions for all valid operations
  • Scans ballots quickly
  • Records and deposits ballots into a locked ballot box
  • Prints reports and receipts
  • Modular design and compact size provides easy transport and set-up

Flexibility in Program Design and Support Services

Resources, best practices and leading-edge technology provides our clients with the skills and tools needed to revolutionize local elections.[/vc_column_text][ess_grid settings=”{‘entry-skin’:’1′,’layout-sizing’:’boxed’,’grid-layout’:’even’,’spacings’:’20’,’rows-unlimited’:’off’,’columns’:’3′,’rows’:’3′,’grid-animation’:’fall’,’use-spinner’:’5′}” layers=”{‘custom-image’:{’00’:’1111′,’01’:’1112′},’custom-type’:{’00’:’image’,’01’:’image’},’use-skin’:{’00’:’1′,’01’:’1′}}”][/vc_column][/vc_row]